Excellence golf resorts close to Lyon and Geneva

Excellence golf resorts close to Lyon and Geneva (15)
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03 85 30 44 12

La Commanderie: a golf course where nature and gastronomy go hand in hand!

In the land of the famous AOC Bresse chicken, at the foot of the...

04 50 41 19 01

La Manchette Golf Club, a simple course for a serene round of golf

Situated in Pays de Gex, close to the Swiss border and just...

04 50 42 16 48

Saint-Genis Golf Club, ideal for beginners

An ideal course for beginners. In Pays de Gex, a stone’s throw f...

04 50 41 31 56

La Valserine Golf Club, a mountain club based on Footgolf

35 minutes from Geneva, within the Jura Mountains and the...

07 63 69 00 01

The Hippodrome Golf Club, a course that offers something out of the ordinary

A golf course that’s a bit different. In the area known as Pays de ...

04 50 28 48 09

Jiva Hill Golf Club, accessible to all in a lush, green setting

At the foot of the Jura Mountains, basking in the majesty of Mont...

04 74 51 42 09

Bresse Golf Club: one of the most stunning courses in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region

One of the most beautiful courses in the region of Auvergne...

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